or Tales I Heard When the World Fell

João Estrada

“In a world polluted by atomic radiation, five survivors find shelter in an underground bunker. The sudden discovery of a rare and miraculous medicine will become a source of quarrel within the group.”

“Disgrace has struck the world, and the survivors of the calamity try to find a way to survive. The few resources that remain allow a group of scientists to create what many believe to be the only way to prevent poisoning by atomic radiation – the medicine KB-LB. Does this miracle cure really work? Will it be the people’s salvation or the last nail in their coffin? This story follows five survivors, wandering through this post-apocalyptic world, who find safety in an underground bunker, where they are protected from the radiation in the atmosphere. There, this united group decides to look for the necessary supplies to safeguard the little wellbeing they find in the shelter. When one of them discovers a single dose of KB- LB, which supposedly would give immunity to whoever takes it, the group has to decide who deserves the benefits of the drug, escaping from an inevitable slow death. The need to choose awakens the worst in each of the members of the group, except for an old lady, who strives to maintain reason and protect the protagonist of this story, a child named Mariana, who dreams of finding a better place…”


Director – João Estrada
Scriptwriters – Diogo Caetano and João Estrada
Main Cast – António Capelo, Maria João Abreu, Irene Cruz, Diogo Lagoa da Costa, Maria Estrada, Miguel Vieira and José Neto (como “o Doutor”).

Producer – João Estrada
Associate Producers – ‘Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema’ and ‘Walla Post Production Collective’

Production Supervisor – Sílvia Cavaleiro
Cinematographer – Rebecka Bolinder
Production Designer – Sílvia Cavaleiro
Editors – João Estrada e Maria Maranha
Sound Editors & Re-Recording Mixers – Alexandre Franco e António Porém Pires
Colorists – Andreia Bertini e Bárbara Sales
Original Music Score – Kamaraum