Sebastião Salgado

“Careful” is the story of a love on its way to the end.
The reality is presented through the eyes of Tiago, an unemployed 40-year-old man, with addiction problems. Since he separated from Inês he has survived surrounded by the junk that he has accumulated throughout his life.
Adapted from a short story by Raymond Carver, it is a story about dependence and lack of communication.

Festival selections

180´Berlin Filmfest – Berlin (Germany) – Semi-finalista
NIFF LONDON – New Indie Film Festival – London (UK)
Miami Independent Film Festival – Miami Beach, Florida (USA)
Anatolia International Film Festival – Istanbul (Turkey)
AltFF Alternative Film Festival – Toronto (Canada) – Semi-finalist & 3 nominations (best drama, best actress, best cinematography)
UK Seasonal Short Film Festival – London (UK) – Honorable mention
Boden International Film Festival – Boden (Sweden) – Semi-finalist
Entre Olhares – Mostra de Cinema Português – Barreiro (Portugal)
MESA International Film Festival – Mesa, Arizona (USA)

Couch Film Festival – Toronto (Canada) – BEST DRAMA INTERNATIONAL

Ficha Técnica

Director – Sebastião Salgado
Script – Sebastião Salgado
(adapted from Raymond Carver’s short story ‘Careful’)

Key Cast – Íris Cayatte and Tiago Lobo
Original Soundtrack – Paulo Furtado aka Legendary Tigerman

Producer – Maria & Mayer + Resonance
Cinematography – João Monge
Art Direction – Dárida Rodrigues
Art Direction Assistant – Susana Azevedo
Art Assistant – Felipe Drehmer
Edition – Ricardo Damásio, Eduardo Pimentel

Direction Assistant – Danilo Godoy
1st Photography Assistant – Francisco Borges
2nd Photography Assistant – Rodrigo Caetano
Chief Electrician – Luís Apura
Lightning Assistant – Inês Alegria
Direct Sound – Cyril Santos, Paulo Duarte
Production Direction – Ricardo Damásio
Production Assistant – Rui Damásio, Miguel Oliveira, Luís Coutinho
Hair and Makeup – Inês Aguiar
Costume Design – Gabriela Borghoff Salgado
Audio Pos-Production – Bernardo ETS Goes
Color Correction – Marco Amaral
Graphics – Guga Liuzzi

Executive Production – Maria João Mayer, Tiago Lobo, Ricardo Damásio, João Monge, Sebastião Salgado

Associated Production – Phillip Reese

Special thanks – José Maria Braga da Cruz

Support – ICA, FGDA

Distribution – Querelle Films

Production – Maria & Mayer, Resonance