Harvest Queen

Lúcia Pires

“Harvest Queen” tells the story of a mysterious woman who appeared in the West of Portugal, in the beginning of the 20th century, but to whom no one has ever been able to see the face. At the same time, another woman tries to become a wine producer. The film proposes a reflection on the feminine and it connection to the land, but also a challenge for the viewer so he might question their own beliefs.”

Ficha Técnica

Director: Lúcia Pires
Script: Lúcia Pires

Production: Ana Ramalho
Director Assistant: Duarte Lima
Cinematography: Ana Mariz

Image Assistant: Adriana Carvalho e Marta Soares
Sound: Raquel Gonçalves
Color: Pedro Marques
Effects: Maria Mendes
Sound Mix: Rafael Gonçalves Cardoso
Make-up: Margarida Marques

Production Assistant: Inês Sá Frias e Leonor Pereira
Production support: Vítor Napoleão
Translation: Mariana Belo
Art: João Miranda
Distribution: Querelle Films
European City of Wine 2018 – Torres Vedras e Alenquer (Portugal)