Francisco Pereira Coutinho

Francisco Pereira Coutinho (1992) is a Portuguese film director and photographer.
His work has received multiple awards, and has been screened in the United States, Portugal, Italy, Canada and Spain.
Aside from his preference for celluloid over digital, he showcases his European influence through thoughtful, character-driven narratives, and a meticulous curation of color and ‘mise-en-scène’.
He demonstrates an interest in warm family stories, often punctuated by whimsical elements, through which he explores themes of love, loneliness and self-discovery.
His latest project, “A Greenhouse”, is an introspective 16mm piece about a middle-aged woman exploring the boundaries of an unconventional marriage, and is set to premiere in 2020.
In April 2020, he received the Best Student Director Award at the Indie Short Fest, in Los Angeles.