Gonçalo Viana

I always liked cinema, I always imagined stories and how to tell them creatively. When I was 11, I watched for the first time (and for the time being, only) 2001: Odyssey in space. This event was the door to another perception of what cinema is. When choosing a course, I chose Renewable Energy Engineering. I liked it, but I realized it wasn’t my passion. After traveling through Romania on a voluntary basis, and then passing through Poland on business, I started small video productions and decided to return to Lisbon to study cinema at the Lusófona University. I did a master’s degree in Cinematographic Studies and I am currently divided between Lisbon and Rome, making video clips, shorts and documentary projects. But, deep down, I still just want to tell good stories creatively.

I always loved cinema, always liked to imagine stories and to tell them in creative ways. And when I was 11, I saw for the first (and so far, the last) time 2001: Space Odyssey and that opened my perception of cinema. But when it was time to study in the University, I chose Renewable Energies. I liked it, but it wasn’t my passion. After moving to Romania for volunteering service and Poland after, I started my small video productions and I decided to move back to Lisbon to study cinema in Uni. Lusophone. Finishing my master in Cinema Studies, I’m doing mostly short-films from school and few music clips. But what I really want is to tell good stories in creative ways.


Director of 8 short films, in Poland, Portugal and Italy, winning a prize for best short at the festival CinemadaMare in Italy and part of the “Giornata degli Autori” Jury, at Venice film festival in 2017.

Empty – Director / producer / camera / editor, Wroclaw 2015
Just wait – Director / producer / camera / editor, Wroclaw 2016
Swimming Lesson – Director / editor, Lisbon 2017
Hanging Over – Director, Nova Siri 2017
Unleashed – Director / editor, Matera 2017
Anyone paints – Director / producer, Lisbon 2018
Sofia – Director / camera / editor, Lisbon 2019
Just another love story – Director / camera / editor, Lisbon 2019