Guilherme Daniel

Guilherme Daniel was born in Caldas da Rainha (1986, Portugal). He graduated in Applied Mathematics before joining the School of Theater and Cinema in 2009, where he finished his course in Image (Film Direction). There he made two films, “Vanishing Point” (2011) and “The Silence of Mermaids” (2012).
Since 2012, he has worked in Cinema and Advertising in the Image area, which allows him to develop a deep knowledge on the technique that involves an artistic creation. As a cinematographer, he has participated in 14 short films, 4 documentaries and one feature film (Leonardo António’s “Submission” – premiere in late 2019).
At the same time, he regularly writes and produces short films in close collaboration with Raquel Santos, such as “Maria” (Joana Viegas, 2014) and “Ermida” (Vasco Esteves, 2015). As a director he signed “After Silence” (2017), and “The Strange House in the Mist” (2018). Both films won awards at national and international festivals, the last being deserved the Grand Prize at the MOTELx 2018 Festival. This year his new shortfilm “Bad Seed” has made his premiere at MOTELx (Lisbon International Horror Film Festival) and won the award ‘Best Portuguese Horror Short Film / Méliès d’Argent’.