Lúcia Pires

Lúcia Pires was born in Bragança (Portugal), in 1988.
She graduated in Cinema – Realization (2014), at ‘Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa’, where she participated in several projects as a director and editor.
In 2012, she made her first short film – PEIXES – and in 2014 the documentary BILHÓ EM NOITE FELIZ, shown in the ‘Panorama 2015 – Portuguese Documentary Exhibition’.
Professionally, her path goes through Cinema and Theater, as editor, director, screenwriter, producer and actress.
From 2014 to 2015, she worked as an editor at ‘RosaFilmes’.
In 2016, she produced the documentary series PARAÍSO (Maria & Mayer), shown on RTP2.
In 2017, she edited the short film O TURNO DA NOITE, by Hugo Pedro (Leopardo Filmes); she also produced the theater work Gertrude – O Grito, written by Howard Barker, staged by Maria Duarte, and wrote/directed the film Fauna, with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the GDA Foundation, with an exhibition and an honorable mention at the IndieLisboa ‘18 festival.
In 2018, she worked as a producer and actress in the theater work Democracia (é divertida!), text by Agustina Bessa-Luís and Thomas Bernhard, staged by Maria Duarte; she was an actress in the Letras theater group, under the guidance of Ávila Costa; she also worked as a producer in the theater work, O Eterno Debate, by Teresa Coutinho, shown on RTP 2.
In 2019, she participated in the editing of a short film by Rui Esperança, OS INÚTEIS, selected on the National Competition of IndieLisboa 2019; she wrote the play CAÍDAS DO TETO, from ‘The Year of Death by Ricardo Reis, by José Saramago; wrote the play A MANCHA, integrated in the 4th edition of the D. Maria II Theater Writing Laboratory; participated as an actress in the short film by Ana Isabel Mariz, MATILDE; wrote, directed and edited the short film A RAINHA, between documentary and fiction, part of the national competition of the festival IndieLisboa ’20 and official selection for the festival Caminhos do Cinema Português ’20.
In 2020, she edited Hugo Pedro’s new short film, O PÂNICO, produced by Ukbar Films; she was an actress in the theater adaptation of the work O ETERNO DEBATE, by Teresa Coutinho.
In 2021, she is studying Theater – Actors branch, at ESTC; she is an actress and camera in Teresa Coutinho’s theater project SOLO; and prepares his new fiction short film, SATURNINA.

2020, fic / doc, HARVEST QUEEN (17’)
2018, fic, FAUNA (15’)
2014, doc, BILHÓ EM NOITE FELIZ (27’)
2012, fic, PEIXES (12’)