Me, my germs and James

Anastasiia Vorotniuk

“A romantic comedy about Lilly, who is a germophobe teenager, because of the way she was raised by her mom. She dreams of her first kiss with the guy she loves, but because of the germs she imagines in his mouth, she is not able to. Yet, her first romantic feelings are bursting through her perfectly clean heart.”


Director: Anastasiia Vorotniuk

Writer: Anastasiia Vorotniuk

Producer: Justin Morse

Hellena Bullen – “Lilly”
Isaac Birdsall – “James”
Sophie JugéKey – “Mother”

Cinematographer: Xenia Guenther

Production Designer: Davide Valsechi

Editor: Antonio Sequeira

Composer: Peter Birzman

2D Animator: Louis O`Shea