No Room For Myself

Ana Domingues

“Marta lives by herself although she’s never alone.
Diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, Marta takes us on a journey through various rooms in her house as well as her alters inhabited on her body, evoking an analogy between the dissociative identity disorder and the human condition.
Afterall, how many people can reside in one body?
How many versions of ourselves can we possess even if not diagnosed with the same disorder as Marta?”

Festival selections

NIFF LONDON – New Indie Film Festival – London (UK)
Swindon Independent International Film Festival – Swindon (UK) – Finalist & Nomination
Copper Coast International Film Festival – Swansea (UK) – Semi-finalist
One Shot Terrassa City of Film – Barcelona (Spain) – Best Film & Honorable Mention for the actress
Take Único Film Fest – Minas Gerais (Brasil)
Boden International Film Festival – Boden (Sweden) – Finalist
One Take Film Festival – Zagreb (Croacia)
3in1 Film Fest – Almeirim (Portugal) – Runner-up Making-of
Stockholm City Film Festival – Stockholm (Sweden) – Semi-finalist

Director statement:

“No Room for Myself initially emerged from the desire to address the categorization of the human being, emotions and state of mind.
Contemplating this idea, I thought it was quite boring and since I’ve always been interested in psychology, I researched less known disorders.
That was when I found the dissociative identity disorder.
After an extensive research about this disorder, stories and interviews that I conveyed I realized that there were several common personality types in this disorder and each of them has their role.
Therefore, I could assign emotions/moods prevalent in each of them.
It is common categorizing the human being from his behaviour, yet similarly to people that have this disorder, some events can trigger an attitude that we would not have in normal circumstances.
The film gives the viewer the material that is needed to learn about the dissociative identity disorder, avoiding the stereotypes, allowing the reflection upon oneself.
To what extent do we have or had numerous versions of ourselves?
To what extent do we really know someone? And ourselves?”
(Ana Domingues)


Director – Ana Domingues
Producer – Ana Domingues
Script – Ana Domingues
Cast – Inês Sá Frias
Director of Photography – Patrícia Mota
Photography Assistant – Eduardo Calças
Camera Operator – Ana Domingues
Sound Director – André Carvalho
Boom Operator – Patrícia Mota
Art Director – Inês Domingues
Production assistants – Cátia Cardoso and Simão Rolo

Assistant Director – Silvana Torricella
Post-Production – Eduardo Calças
Sound Design – André Carvalho
Soundtrack – André Carvalho
Annotation/ Clapboard – Silvana Torricella
Still Photographer – Inês Domingues
Making Of: Camera – Simão Rolo and Ana Domingues
Post-Production – Ana Domingues
Online Content – Ana Domingues and Cátia Cardoso
Poster – Inês Domingues
Catering – Cátia Domingues
Translation and Subtitling – Andreia Mendes